Preventing this tragic end is as simple as spay & neuter. Our goal is to put rescues out of business. Help us get there.

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We are not a rescue,
but we are here to help

We are a group of volunteers fighting the epidemic of pet overpopulation by removing barriers.

We provide free veterinary resources (exams, vaccinations, spay & neuter)
We offer assistance to connect homeless individuals and their pets with case workers to help them find housing, together.
We seek to change laws to prevent breed specific legislation, to ensure that spay & neuter mandates are enforced and to give more pets a better chance at a happy life with their family, regardless of income.

  • We LISTEN.
  • We HELP.

Hollywoof is volunteer-run organzation based in Los Angeles, CA and received federal tax exempt status in 2016. It was founded by Rachel Lamb, who welcomes Michael Sherman, Matthew McEwen, and Christina Bos to her board.

We do not pull, catch strays, nor rehome pets. We are not a rescue. If you need rescue view our Resources. 

Can’t afford to spay & neuter? Ask us for assistance. providing education, easily accessible resources, outreach and activism.



We can teach how to lead with compassion to help our homeless friends and their pets get the assistance they need.

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Access, print and hand out information to your friends, colleagues and community. Sharing is caring!

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  • Dedicated, responsible, passionate, organized, reliable and accountable. Making a difference and sharing the stories. In it for the long haul.
  • Hollywoof gave my dog food, supplies and paid for him to get fixed & vaccinated. But what they also gave us was hope and a reason to keep fighting for a better life.
  • I thought I was invisible and no one cared if I lived or died except my dog. Then Hollywoof showed up and answered my prayers. Thank God for Rachel and her volunteers, they’ve shown us people do care and will help without wanting anything in return.
  • My only reason for staying sober and trying to get off the streets is my dog. Hollywoof helped me provide for her, got her healthy and gave me everything she needs, so I could focus on helping myself.
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volunteer Positions

We want to help our community You can help too


    Have a knack for getting people on board? Ideas for how to find more volunteers? We need you to help us streamline our efforts.

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  • Outreach boxes in your car

    This is where the magic happens. We give you supplies, you become a friend to the community. It’s easy and safe. We will train you!

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  • Donations procurement coordinator

    WE NEED STUFF. Collars, beds, tarps, dog food, leashes, doggie jackets. Your job is to call and email suppliers and corporations so they give it to us.

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    Set up our accounts at local clinics, deliver flyers to area vets notifing the community of our free spay & neuter offer

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  • EVENT Coordinator

    HELP SPREAD THE GOOD WORD! Get us space at farmers markets, community events & other places where we can set up a booth.

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